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BidPanther Download

How to download and install BidPanther using Goolge Chrome

Getting started

  1. Download and install either Google Chrome web browser for your computer (PC and MAC).
  2. After installing Google Chrome browser register for BidPanther.
  3. After registration, click the respective button below to install BidPanther.
  4. Navigate to a live QuiBids or DealDash auction and you will be asked to login to BidPanther.
  5. In BidPanther login form enter your registration Email and Password.

You need to use Google Chrome to install BidPanther. Link to BidPanther Chrome Extension

Install BidPanther

BidPanther Pro

At anytime feel free to upgrade to BidPanther Pro and get these great features:

  • Auto-Bidder: Place Bids Automatically.
  • Bid Counting: Know Every Bid by Every Bidder Live
  • Full Product Stats: Full Product Stats & Price Entry Points Proven to Win
  • Price Prediction: Live Price Prediction Monitors Auction for Changing Variables
  • Total Bidders: Instantly Know Every Bidder for that Auction
  • Full Auction Timer: Knows the Full Duration of the Auction whenever you Enter
  • Bidder Stats: Complete Bidder Insight with a Simple Click of the Mouse. Full Report Reveals Bidding Tendencies (Vouchers/Gameplays Won, Voucher Ratio, if they Overbid, and Much More)
  • Competition History: Full Win/Loss History Including Real/Voucher Bids Placed for Each Auction
  • Bid Rate: Gauge Auction Intensity with Bids Per Minute (BPM)

BidPanther Basic

BidPanther Basic is 100% free and provides you with basic product and auction statistics for every auction window. Know the maximum, minimum and average selling price of every product. BidPanther Basic also allows you to keep track of the auction time. We suggest you upgrade to BidPanther Pro if you haven’t already done so.