QuiBids AutoBidder and Bidding Software

BidPanther Pro is sporting and all new QuiBids AutoBidder software with improved reliability and more accurate bid placement. As you can see in the video above, the QuiBids autobidder is set to automatically place bids randomly between 0.3 seconds and 7 seconds (sorry the video is long, but we did this to show the autobidder is reliable as a demo). In the above example the auction was won by placing 42 bids automatically. While automatically placing 42 bids to win 25 bids is not really a “win”, what we are trying to demonstrate here is the the BidPanther’s autobidder is works very well with placing bids accurately. If you don’t have BidPanther Pro then you can try it free here.

A skilled bidder can tweak the settings to win with less bids. For example, setting the autobidder timer to a fixed number below 1 second will save many more bids. Using the Straddle Method price points will also put you in a better position to win with few bids as well.

QuiBids AutoBidder Tips for Using BidPanther Pro

  1. Be sure to disable your computer’s sleep mode for long auctions!
  2. Never close the browser tab win autobidder is enabled.
  3. Experiment with the lowest bid time. It differs for every user!
  4. Open new tabs to bid in multiple auctions at once.
  5. Enable the bid and warning sounds to know what’s going on while doing other things.
  6. Use the Anti-Lockout feature when using the Straddle Method combined with last second bidding to increase your odds of winning.
  7. Use the product specific Straddle Points when you can for more accuracy.
  8. Randomize bid times to keep others guessing (ex: 0.5 and 4 sec).
  9. Be sure your max bid price is high enough the autobidder keeps bidding.
  10. Change your bid type with QuiBids anytime while autobidder is enabled (real or voucher bids).
  11. Press F12 to monitor the autobidder log (useful when bid randomization is enabled).
  12. Download Strategy Guide to learn more.
QuiBids Autobidder

BidPanther Autobidder for Quibids